• Natcha Kucita

How I became a part of Nocturnal Aesthetics

Around this time last year I discovered Marie's (Misan Jewellery) page by chance by fate or by instagram algorithm? Either way I was instantly drawn to her raven skull necklace. It's exactly what I wanted/looking for - both design, quality and aesthetics.  Marie with her big bright smile is super friendly in person, she delivered the skull necklace to me herself along with Poppy her super adorable companion french bulldog.  We spoke briefly about our passions, hectic London life, our hobbies and then parted ways. Fast forward, I stumbled upon Nina Ullrich's work through Marie's page and instantly fell in love with one of her leather envelope clutch collection. Her design and styling is impeccable. She is also one of the most dedicated, caring and patient people I know. Nina is the founder and curator of Nocturnal Aesthetics. She invited me to one of the events she hosted last year. Gradually I got to know the rest of the designers (Nina K (War & drobe), Momo, and Deborah) on a more personal level and I must say there was harmony right from the start. We admire each others work so much and support one another like sisters. We have unique insights, strengths in various arenas to offer. I remember it all so well the day before lockdown earlier this year (Friday 13th) that Nina U asked me if I would be part of Nocturnal Aesthetics ceramics artist. I was over the moon and without hesitation said YES! At that time I was still working full time in engineering so pottery was something I juggled hard on the side. (I will be posting another blog on that topic!) Fast forward to September, I jumped ship from engineering because I knew in the gut that it was time for a new adventure!! What fascinates me the most about our work is that beneath the dark, the macabre, the mystical the abstract craft is pure energy, unexplainable love for what we do and who we truly are and our creative expression represents that. Our creations are ever changing and evolving not according to trend but in alignment with our inner tide and this is something I'm very proud of. On behave of Nocturnal Aesthetics brand, I really hope that you will enjoy series of exhibitions and pop-up events we bring for you. Stay connected online and in person!


Me at Nocturnal Aesthetics Xmas event channeling my inner Witch with Nina’s winter hat and Misans Raven skull necklace

NA crew on our day off missing Nina K and Marie in this picture.

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