N O C T U R N A L   V I S I O N


Nocturnal Aesthetics is a creative concept, collective and online boutique 

featuring exclusively independent designers and artisans

whose creations embody the flair of the concept and are all made by hand.

It stands for beautiful design and sustainability, which represent the values of the collectives design direction and the principles they live and work by. 

Sustainability is at the core of our concept vision. When purchasing a product from us, you are not only investing in the item itself to keep forever, but you are also investing in

a designer who cares about people and the planet. 

Our concept boutique offers an alternative to mainstream trends and a stark contrast to what is known as 'fast fashion'. The designers are not driven by hype and trends,

they are true to their identity and their creative point of view and their ethical principles,

which offers a unique selling point, making the design more personal and timeless. 


N O C T U R N A L   B E G I N N I N G S


Nocturnal Aesthetics was founded by designer Nina Ullrich who is known for her a minimalist aesthetic, clean lines featured exclusively in black. However she wanted to incorporate her other passions outside of her minimalist sentiment, her love of rock music, film noir, poetry, art and gothic idealism, she was seeking an outlet for more playful designs without compromising the minimalist direction of her accessories brand. In 2017 whilst still part of  'M A N & Studio' in Shoreditch, other members of the collective joined the new concept.


N O C T U R N A L   C R E A T I O N S


As part of Nocturnal Aesthetics designers are encouraged to create something special inspired by the mood of the concept, taking inspiration from art, music and film. Each designer has created a special product for Nocturnal Aesthetics.


N O C T U R N A L   C O L L A B O R A T I O N S


The vision for Nocturnal Aesthetics was seen as more of a creative collective approach to design, than an individual diffusion project. A big feature of the concept is collaboration. 

Nina has worked together with other designers who form part of this collective, on special design projects, which merge together two totally different perspectives

to create something truly beautiful and unique.


N O C T U R N A L   V I N T A G E


Our vintage section contains high quality garments from gone-by eras, whatever the era, the garments have been carefully selected for the beauty in their design and the quality in their construction, featuring mostly one offs and limited edition pieces.

Wherever possible in it's original state but also reinvented into something new and modern, rendering the garment as more of a piece of art than a garment that has been customised,

totally unique and it can only be found once.

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